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Copywriting for a professional biography is a nuanced undertaking. Typically, a biography is more than simply a collection of facts. It's not a resume and it's not an opinion. Biographers wield their talents to create insightful glimpses into a subject's background, personality or worldview. A truly great biography drills down to the essence of a person, yielding a characterization that aptly reflects his or her own unique qualities. In the business world, biographies are often used to infuse human warmth into a “corporate exterior” or add credibility to employee status with customers, team members or vendors. Let's give your business a personal touch!

Original Writing You provide input and reference documents. We'll write the content from scratch.
Revise & Proofread Got a rough draft that needs a professional rewrite? Select this option.
Spit 'n Polish If your finished draft would benefit from an objective once-over, this one's for you! 

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