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Email Blasts

Do you have a permission-based email list of individuals or businesses interested in your firm? We'd love to help you make the most of it! An email blast must immediately attract attention and instantly convey a specific message. LoganKettrick's copywriters approach email advertising with a creative flair. First, we have to write an email subject line that works or the message is either funneled into the spam folder or goes unopened. Second, we have to craft a message that connects with the reader, or into the trash it goes.  

Forget about terms like mass email and bulk email. Remember, every email campaign consists of individual emails, addressed to individuals, each of whom are making individual decisions about their relationship with your brand. 

Original Writing You provide input and reference documents. We'll write the content from scratch.
Revise & Proofread Got a rough draft that needs a professional rewrite? Select this option.
Spit 'n Polish If your finished draft would benefit from an objective once-over, this one's for you! 

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