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Sell Sheets & Small Newsletters

A well-written, tightly-focused sell sheet accurately reflects your corporate brand while providing readers with a succinct snapshot of your product or service. Our experienced copywriters understand that the best way to convert sales is to focus on benefits instead of features.

Newsletters are one of those projects that companies start and have a hard time keeping up with on a regular basis. Team members run out of ideas, time, enthusiasm and, inevitably, interesting content. Delegating to LoganKettrick's professional copywriters allows you to maintain the connection with your target audience, serving up fresh, new content on a regular basis!

Original Writing You provide input and reference documents. We'll write the content from scratch.
Revise & Proofread Got a rough draft that needs a professional rewrite? Select this option.
Spit 'n Polish If your finished draft would benefit from an objective once-over, this one's for you! 

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